Leadwork and Chimney Repairs in Farnham, Guildford and the Surrounding Areas

Whether it’s a decorative feature on the roof, or a fully functioning part of your heating system, the chimney is open to the elements all year round. Even if it’s closed off inside, it’s essential to maintain the parts that are positioned on the roof with chimney repairs from professional roofers as needed. Failure to do so can lead to further damage, such as water ingress and damp. In extreme cases, poor maintenance of a chimney, its leadwork and other components can lead to collapse. As well as causing a considerable amount of damage to your Farnham, Esher or Guildford home, this may cause issues with your insurance company and, in the worst-case scenario, serious injuries.

Of course, we don’t wish to alarm you, but it is important to have your chimney and leadwork maintained and repaired by a reputable roofing company if necessary. At AFB Builders, our roofers are fully trained in all manner of roof repairs and are well respected by our growing number of clients throughout the areas we cover. If you’re concerned about any aspect of your chimney, such as the following, please contact us in Godalming today.


A Leading Name in Chimney Repairs

Chimney Repointing

Our team can partially or fully replace the pointing for chimneys with failing mortar joints, ensuring its stability and removing the risk of moisture seeping into the structure. 

Chimney Replacement

Where chimney repairs will be ineffective or uneconomical, our team will discuss a complete replacement with you and rebuild the stack to complement the existing roof style. 

Caps and crowns should always be in good working condition as both prevent rain, snow, falling debris, birds and animals from falling into the stack, damaging the inner lining and fireplace.

Leadwork Replacement and Repairs

The leadwork is an essential part of all chimney installations as it covers the seams between the roofing system and the stack, ensuring they remain watertight and secure. If overlooked, moisture will seep into your property and cause mould and damp issues over time. Not only are these a menace, they can cause health problems or significantly lower the value of your home. We can provide a complete leadwork replacement service or patch repair for minor damage. 

AFB Builders carry out these essential leadwork and chimney repairs in accordance with our roofing company’s strict health and safety measures. And, while we’re up there, we can also remove any build-up of moss from the roof, preventing it from falling from the roofline and potentially damaging the fascias and guttering systems. 

These can also be replaced with new white or colour-matched uPVC installations in order to brighten up the exterior of your home in Farnham, Esher, Guildford or the surrounding areas.

So why not consider having your chimney and leadwork examined by our experienced roofers today? Our roofing company’s competitive prices could save you costly repairs in the future. Call us today for the following services: